KOI Runner Rug, Stone Metallic

KOI Runner Rug, Stone Metallic

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KOI is a high quality, woven rug made in Dalarna, Sweden. This easy-to-care-for rug is made with Swedish manufactured PVC, it's perfect for your kitchen, bathroom or for outdoor use!

Best part, it can be washed in the washing machine!

Materials: Phthalate-free PVC ribbon, Polyester warp
Size: 2.25' x 6.5' / 70 cm / 200 cm
Care Instructions: 

  • Hand or machine wash at low temperature, max 30°C/85F.

  • Do not spin – do not tumble dry.

  • If necessary re-shape by evenly stretching whilst wet.
    Preferably dry flat. If hung, please use a wide bar.

  • Rinse off ketchup immediately, do not rub!

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